Fernsehturm Berlin #

Fernsehturm Berlin
Fernsehturm Berlin, 2012
© Elisabeth Ertl

One of the most prominent symbols of Berlin is the Fernsehturm Berlin Berliner Fernsehturm, Berlin, Deutschland near Alexanderplatz, which easily can be seen throughout the central and some suburban districts of the city. The Socialist Unity Party, which governed East Germany, ordered the construction of the tower, which started in 1965 and ended in 1969. Originally the total height of the tower was 365m, but later on, in the 1990s a new antenna was installed which is 3m higher than the old one. With its total height of 368m the TV tower is the fourth highest free standing structure in Europe. In the middle of the sphere a visitor platform and a revolving restaurant are located. A peculiarity of the tower is the so called "Pop's Revenge", a reflection of the sunshine on the tiled stainless steel dome in the form of a cross.