Tiahuanaco - Creator Deity#

Tiahuanaco - Creator Deity
Tiahuanaco - Creator Deity, September 2013, © Gerhard Huber, under CC BY-NC 4.0 +Edu

In the centre of the temple complex stands the monolithic Gate of the Sun, which shows the creator deity Viracocha. Sunrays surround his head, in his hands he holds long sceptres with heads of condors. As a symbol of rain and fertility, tears run down his face. From the four walls of a semi-subterranean temple stare mask-like stone heads. Probably they are the images of gods and demons who attended the mysterious rituals of the priesthood here.
Im Zentrum der Tempelanlage erhebt sich ein monolithisches Sonnentor, das den Schöpfergott Viracocha zeigt. Sonnenstrahlen umgeben sein Haupt, in den Händen hält er lange Szepter mit Kondorköpfen. Als Symbol des Regens und der Fruchtbarkeit laufen Tränen über sein Gesicht.