Gerhard Huber#

Gerhard Huber

General information: #


  • Studied Mechanical Engineering at Graz University of Technology
  • 1988: Ph.D.: „The impact of modern physics on economy and management"
  • Professional Photgrapher for 25 years

Activities in arts (independent Company since 1999)#

  • Head, integration and communication with Austrian Energy (Waagner Biro), including a number of arts projects
  • Did more than 150 photo presentations of countries
  • Has his own series of lectures (ReiseVersum, i.e. Travelversum) since 2008
  • Picturevolume „Mystik der Wüste“ (Styria Publishing)
  • Art in the Cinema, 2013
  • Numerous short movies and multimediapresentations with other artists

Awards and Prizes#

  • MAECENAS for „Kunst in the Triangle“ (Austrian Energy)
  • Winner for El Mundo Adventure- and Travel Slidefestival 2011

Some 40.000 pictures from a variety of countries and growing:#

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