Amsterdam 1#

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Amsterdam is one of the most well-known cities in the world, rich in historical events and intensive culture life. Particular here, for instance, the Hermitage, a famous Russian museum, founded its filial. But in spite of all the cultural and educational efforts, we associate Amsterdam not only with the museums and tulips.

Amsterdam owes the dam its foundation in XIII century which protected the place from the inundations. The city built "with scale" looks like a toy from the bird-eye flight, the toy made of meccano: everything is accurate, clean and cozy here. But this tranquility is ostentatious: the reality is Amsterdam sucked in different kind of sins which, by the way, managed to live in harmony with its decent townspeople.

It's forbidden to smoke indoors in order to save the Netherlanders' health. That is why people smoke outdoors or in the special smoking-rooms. At the same time, there is no restriction for grass smoking indoors. Yes, the drugs are legalized here, but the sellers of numerous coffee-shops kindly advise you a sort of grass less dangerous for your health.

Don't you smoke grass? You can walk along Red-Light District where the seminude joy therapists of different nationalities and ages are standing in the shop-windows and offering to amuse leisure for 100 Euros. And in the neighboring "erotic theatres", right on the stage within sight of live audience the clean-limbed men and women are actively making love.

And where can ordinary townspeople make love? Don't worry, Amsterdam's authorities allowed the couples in love to make sex in one of the most popular parks of the city - in Vondelpark, which is visited by 10 million of people every year, but they forbid to air the unleashed dogs there.

Generally, come! Amsterdam will offer you impressions suited to every fancy: ancient architecture and arts, emotional night life and wonderful charming of local inhabitants.

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