With a population exceeding 209 million people, it is the sixth most populous country and with an area covering 796,095 km2 (307,374 sq mi), it is the 36th largest country in the world in terms of area. As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the subcontinent's struggle for independence, Pakistan was created in 1947 as an independent nation for Muslims from the regions in the east and west of Subcontinent where there was a Muslim majority.

A regional and middle power, Pakistan has the seventh largest standing armed forces in the world and is also a nuclear power as well as a declared nuclear-weapons state, being the only nation in the Muslim world, and the second in South Asia, to have that status.

Pakola is a line of flavoured carbonated soft drinks originating from Pakistan.

  • Pakistan has largest boundary with India which is approximately 2912 km .
  • Thar desert is the largest desert in Pakistan.
  • The largest river of Pakistan is river Indus which is 3180 km.
  • There are 6 seaports in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has launched 5 satellites.
  • Out of several ethnic groups Punjabi's are most.
  • Pakistan largest export partner is US
  • Pakistan largest import partner is China.

Surprising facts about Nobel Prize winners#

  • Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistan born Nobel Prize winner who got the Nobel Prize in peace quite early, at the age of 17 years.

Dangerous road in Pakistan#

Thar desert
Thar desert

Tourist Attraction#

The Khewra Salt Mine (or Mayo Salt Mine) is located in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan, an administrative subdivision of Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's largest and oldest salt mine and the world's second largest. It is a major tourist attraction, drawing up to 250,000

visitors a year.

Khewra Salt mine, Foto source: PixaBay
Khewra Salt mine
Foto source: PixaBay

Taxila Museum is located at Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan.

Taxila Museum, Foto source: PixaBay
Taxila Museum
Foto source: PixaBay

National Facts of Pakistan#

  • Pakistan has two national fruits, Mango (Summer Fruit) and Guava (Winter Fruit).
  • The national bird of Pakistan is Chukar Partridge.
  • Markhor and Snow Leapord are considered as national animals.
  • Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan.
  • The national sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.
  • The dafli, also popularly known as daf is a considered as national instrument.
  • The national dance of Pakistan is Khattak.

Jasmine, Foto source: PixaBay
Foto source: PixaBay
Guava, Foto source: PixaBay
Foto source: PixaBay


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