Canaimo National Park#

H. Maurer, editor

Canaima National Park (established 1962) is the second largest national park in Venezuela with about 30.000 sq km.

About 2/3 of the park are plateaus of rock called tepui, table-top mountain millions of years old, with vertical walls and almost flat tops. Their sheer cliffs and waterfalls are spectacular.

The highest of those is Angels Fall, with 1002 m the highest waterfall in the world, well documented by Airpano 360° Panoramas, accompanying stories and a 360° video.

The water of the Angel falls end up in the Canaimo lagoon, itself with a number of waterfalls. Some have also been documented by 360° videos by Airpano, e.g.:

The Ucaima Waerfall (1:07) and the Hacha Waterfall (1:28).

There is a UNESCO sponsored clip (2:52) on Canaimo Park including some history.

The video on the Avatar Rainforest (1:52) in which Canaimo lagoon is located by gryphonfilms has nice pictures and a few scenes of walking under Sapo falls”: Sapo waterfall is known for the trail “under the fall”. There is a poor quality amateurish clip on this (4:54) and also an amateur clip of a panoramic boat trip on the lagoon (1:32) showing all waterfalls.

More general information on Canaimo National Park in Wikiepedia and checking on Youtube for e.g. Canaimo Lagoon or Tepui.