The Broad#

The Broad
The Broad, June 2015, © Ewald Judt, under CC BY 4.0

The Broad 34.0544,-118.251 is a contemporary art museum in Downtown Los Angeles and named for philanthropist Eli Broad who finances the building which houses the Broad art collections. It opened on September 20, 2015 and has a collection size of nearly 2,000 pieces of contemporary art, featuring 200 artists. The building's design is based on a concept called "the veil and the vault". "The veil" is a porous envelope that wraps the whole building, filtering and transmitting daylight to the indoor space while "the vault" is a concrete body forming the core of the building, dedicated to artworks storage, laboratories, curatorial space and offices. The three-story museum features 50,000 sq ft(4,600 sq m) of exhibition space on two floors.