The capital and largest city is Asunción, of which the metropolitan area is home to nearly a third of Paraguay's population.

In contrast to most Latin American nations, Paraguay's indigenous language and culture, Guaraní, remains highly influential.

  • Paraguay is a land locked country.
  • Paraguay has largest boundary with Argentina which is approximately 1880 km.
  • Paraguay has shortest boundary with Bolivia which is approximately 750 km.
  • The largest river in Paraguay is Paraná which is 4000 km.
  • The largest export partner of Paraguay is Uruguay.
  • The largest import partner of Paraguay is Brazil.
  • There are 10 seaports in Paraguay.

Tourist Attraction#

Lake Ypacarai provides a popular and relaxing getaway not far from Asunción.

National Facts#

  • The national bird of Paraguay is Bare-throated bellbird.
  • Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay is the national flower of Paraguay.
  • The famous dance of Paraguay is Paraguayan polka.
  • The famous dish of Paraguay is Sopa paraguaya.
Sopa Paraguaya, Foto: source: Wikicommons unter CC
Sopa Paraguaya
Foto: source: Wikicommons unter CC


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