Niger is a developing country, and is consistently one of the lowest-ranked in the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI); it was ranked last at 187th for 2013.

Following a military coup in 2010, Niger has become a democratic, multi-party state.

Niger covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km2, making it the largest country in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara Desert.

  • Niger is a land locked country.
  • Niger has largest boundary with Nigeria which is approximately 1497 km.
  • Niger has shortest boundary with Benin which is approximately 266 km.
  • The largest river in Niger is Niger River which is 4180 km.
  • The largest export partner of Niger is Nigeria.
  • The largest import partner of Niger is France.
  • There are 1 seaports in Niger.

Tourist Attraction#

Laborers work to produce salt at Teguidda-n-Tessoumt in Niger.


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