Heard Island and McDonald Islands: Geography#

Locationislands in the Indian Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Madagascar to Antarctica
Geographic Coordinates53 06 S, 72 31 E -53.1,72.51667
Land boundaries0 km
Coastline101.9 km
Elevation Extremeslowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m
highest point: Mawson Peak on Big Ben volcano 2,745 m
Highest Mountains
TerrainHeard Island - 80% ice-covered, bleak and mountainous, dominated by a large massif (Big Ben) and an active volcano (Mawson Peak); McDonald Islands - small and rocky
Natural HazardsMawson Peak, an active volcano, is on Heard Island
Natural Resourcefish
Land Usearable land: 0%
permanent crops: 0%
other: 100% (2011)
Irrigated Land0 sq km (2011)
Renewable Water ResourcesNA
Environment - international agreementsNA
Large Cities
Geography-noteMawson Peak on Heard Island is the highest Australian mountain (at 2,745 meters, it is taller than Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia proper), and one of only two active volcanoes located in Australian territory, the other being McDonald Island; in 1992, McDonald Island broke its dormancy and began erupting; it has erupted several times since, most recently in 2005