Greenland: Government#

Country nameconventional long form: none
conventional short form: Greenland
local long form: none
local short form: Kalaallit Nunaat

note: named by Norwegian adventurer Erik THORVALDSSON (Erik the Red) in 985 in order to entice settlers to the island
Dependency statuspart of the Kingdom of Denmark; self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark since 1979
Government typeparliamentary democracy (Parliament of Greenland); part of the Kingdom of Denmark
CapitalNuuk (Godthaab) Nuuk (Godthaab)
geographic coordinates: 64 11 N, 51 45 W
time difference: UTC-3 (2 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October

note: Greenland has four time zones
Administrative divisions4 municipalities (kommuner, singular kommune); Kujalleq, Qaasuitsup, Qeqqata, Sermersooq
note: the North and East Greenland National Park (Avannaarsuani Tunumilu Nuna Allanngutsaaliugaq) and the Thule Air Base in Pituffik (in northwest Greenland) are two unincorporated areas; the national park's 972,000 sq km - about 46% of the island - makes it the largest national park in the world and also the most northerly
Independencenone (extensive self-rule as part of the Kingdom of Denmark; foreign affairs is the responsibility of Denmark, but Greenland actively participates in international agreements relating to Greenland)
National holidayJune 21 (longest day)
Constitutionprevious 1953 (Greenland established as a constituency in the Danish constitution), 1979 (Greenland Home Rule Act); latest 21 June 2009 (Greenland Self-Government Act) (2016)
Legal systemthe laws of Denmark apply where applicable and Greenlandic law applies to other areas
Citizenshipsee Denmark
Suffrage18 years of age; universal
Executive branchchief of state: Queen MARGRETHE II of Denmark (since 14 January 1972), represented by High Commissioner Mikaela ENGELL (since April 2011)
head of government: Premier Kim KIELSEN (since 30 September 2014)
cabinet: Home Rule Government elected by the Parliament (Landsting) on the basis of the strength of parties
elections/appointments: the monarchy is hereditary; high commissioner appointed by the monarch; premier indirectly elected by Parliament
election results: Kim KIELSEN elected premier; Parliament vote - Kim KIELSEN (S) 34.3%, Sara OLSVIG (IA) 33.2%, Anda ULDUM (D) 11.8%, other 20.7%
Legislative branchdescription: unicameral Parliament or Inatsisartut (Landsting) (31 seats; members directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation vote to serve 4-year terms)
elections: last held on 28 November 2014 (next to be held by 2018)
election results: percent of vote by party - S 34.6%, IA 33.5%, D 11.9%, PN 11.7%, A 6.6%, other 1.7%; seats by party - S 11, IA 11, D 4, PN 3, A 2 (2013)

note: two representatives were elected to the Danish Parliament or Folketing on 18 June 2015 (next to be held by June 2019); percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - Siumut 1, Inuit Ataqatigiit 1
Judicial branchhighest court(s): High Court of Greenland (consists of the presiding professional judge and 2 lay assessors); note - appeals beyond the High Court of Greenland can be heard by the Supreme Court (in Copenhagen)
judge selection and term of office: judges appointed by the monarch upon the recommendation of the Judicial Appointments Council, a 6-member independent body of judges and lawyers; judges appointed for life with retirement at age 70
subordinate courts: Court of Greenland; 18 district or magistrates' courts
Political parties and leadersDemocrats Party or D (Demokraatit) (Randi VESTERGAARD)
Forward Party or S (Siumut) (Kim KIELSEN)
Inuit Community or IA (Inuit Ataqatigiit) (Sara OLSVIG)
Inuit Party or PI (Partii Inuit) (Nikku OLSEN)
Partii Naleraq or PN (Hans ENOKSEN)
Solidarity Party or A (Atassut) (Knud KRISTIANSEN)
Political pressure groups and leadersother: conservationists; environmentalists; those wanting independence
International organization participationArctic Council, ICC, NC, NIB, UPU
Diplomatic representation in the USnone (self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark): note - Greenland has an office in the Danish Embassy to the US; it also has offices in the Danish consulates of Chicago and New York
Diplomatic representation from the USnone (self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark); note - the US embassy in Copenhagen has an office devoted to Greenland
Flag descriptiontwo equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red with a large disk slightly to the hoist side of center - the top half of the disk is red, the bottom half is white; the design represents the sun reflecting off a field of ice; the colors are the same as those of the Danish flag and symbolize Greenland's links to the Kingdom of Denmark
National symbol(s)polar bear; national colors: red, white
National anthemname: "Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit" ("Our Country, Who's Become So Old" also translated as "You Our Ancient Land")
lyrics/music: Henrik LUND/Jonathan PETERSEN

note: adopted 1916; the government also recognizes "Nuna asiilasooq" as a secondary anthem