Gaza Strip: Geography#

LocationMiddle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Israel
Geographic Coordinates31 25 N, 34 20 E 31.416666,34.333332
Land boundariestotal: 72 km
border countries: Egypt 13 km, Israel 59 km
Coastline40 km
Elevation Extremeslowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
highest point: Abu 'Awdah (Joz Abu 'Awdah) 105 m
Highest Mountains
Terrainflat to rolling, sand- and dune-covered coastal plain
Natural Hazardsdroughts
Natural Resourcearable land, natural gas
Land Usearable land: 7.39%
permanent crops: 10.96%
other: 81.64% (2011)
Climatetemperate, mild winters, dry and warm to hot summers
Irrigated Land240 sq km; note - includes West Bank (2003)
Renewable Water ResourcesNA
Environment_CurrentIssuesdesertification; salination of fresh water; sewage treatment; water-borne disease; soil degradation; depletion and contamination of underground water resources
Environment - international agreementsNA
Large Cities
Geography-notestrategic strip of land along Mideast-North African trade routes has experienced an incredibly turbulent history; the town of Gaza itself has been besieged countless times in its history