Statue of Columbus#

Statue des Columbus
Photo: DAVID ILIFF. From: Wikicommons under CC

Christopher Columbus Monument (Mirador de Colom) 41.3759051,2.1774537 .

The Columbus monument is a 60 m high monument to Christopher Columbus at the lower end of La Rambla.

It was constructed for the World Exhibition in Barcelona (1888) in honor to Columbus' first voyage to the Americas.

The monument serves as a reminder that Christopher Columbus reported to Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand V in Barcelona after his big discovery.

At the very top of the monument stands a 7.2 m tall bronze statue of Columbus holding a scroll in the left hand, pointing with his hand out into the distance. (The story often told is that it points towards America. However, the direction is incorrect.)

There is an elevator up through the column. The view from top over La Rambla and the Port Vell is good, but not really sensational. Hence there is usually no waiting line.

Since entry is free with the Barcelona card it may be worth going up once one is in the vicinity.

--> Zoom into the picture to see details of the statue!