Viewpoint Banjska Stena#

Viewpoint Banjska Stena
Viewpoint Banjska Stena, May 2013, © Marija Djokic-Petrovic, under CC BY 4.0

The viewpoint Banjska Stena is located 10 kilometers from Mitrovac. The road to the viewpoint is clearly marked. On the viewpoint are benches and a safety fence at the top of it. The name Banjska stena comes from Banjsko vrelo. It is a spring at the bottom of the viewpoint. From the viewpoint there is a beautiful view over the lake Perucac. Lake Perucac is an artificial lake 52 km long. It was made by damming of Drina in 1966, for the construction of hydroelectric plant Bajina Bašta. Today, the lake is one of the biggest prettiness of Serbia. Here you can enjoy boat riding, mountin climbing, sports fishing and swimming.