Drvengrad-Kustendorf, May 2013, © Marija Djokic-Petrovic, under CC BY 4.0

Drvengrad is a film ethnic village on Mokra Gora, located between Zlatibor and Tara. It was built by film director Emir Kusturica on Mecavnik hill, for the purposes of filming. Drvengrad is an ethno village with an urban style. At one end of a front gate, and at the other a small wooden church. The church was built on the model of the Russian church, dedicated to St. Sava. In the central part of the village square is paved with wooden cubes and cut wooden sleepers, and is surrounded by wooden cottages. They are authentic, and taken from the area of Serbia and from Bosnia. Drvengrad has a lot of content that may be of interest to visitors: gallery, library, cinema "Underground", a pastry shop with homemade cakes and natural juices, national restaurant, store and folk art of the region, etc.