Albania declared independence in 1912. It then became a Principality, Republic, and Kingdom until being invaded by Italy in 1939, which formed Greater Albania. In 1991, the Socialist Republic was dissolved and the Republic of Albania was established. As of 2011, the capital, Tirana, was home to 421,286 of the country's 2,893,005 people within the city limits, 763,634 in the metropolitan area.

  • Albania has largest boundary with Greece which is approximately 282 km .
  • Albania has smallest boundary with Kosovo which is approximately 112 km .
  • The largest river in Albania is Drini i Zi which is 350 km.
  • The largest export partner of Albania is Italy.
  • The largest import partner of Albania is also Italy.
  • There are 4 seaports in Albania.
  • 47% people belong to Agriculture.

Tourist Attraction#

National Facts of Albania#

  • The national bird of Albania is Golden Eagle.
  • Red Poppy is the national flower of Albania.

Poppy Flower;, Foto source: PixaBay
Poppy Flower;
Foto source: PixaBay
Golden Eagle;, Foto source: PixaBay
Golden Eagle;
Foto source: PixaBay


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