Glacier Bay National Park#

Photo: H. Maurer, Fall 2005

Next day we wake up in Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park, USA . Glacier Bay in Glacier Bay National park (only two cruise ships are allowed in each day) is particularly impressive, like Majorie Glacier with its 250 meter high ice wall moving 6 ft a day, and hence calving constantly.

We spend most of the afternoon in that bay, the ship slowly turning so you can see everything there is to be seen without changing places. Blue ice, deep crevasses, birds sitting on floats of ice, some major calving, tons of ice with loud noise tumbling in the see. Unfortunately, there is little sun (at least no rain!) so much of the sights (this and next pictures) are a bit gloomy.

On the way out, fog drifts in, and the trip gets a little bit more wobbly as we continue through the night.