Train to White Pass#

Train to White Pass
Photo: H. Maurer, Fall 2005

The train was shut down for a few years in the nineties, but reopened as tourist attractions, which it certainly is: one can take the train directly from the harbor to the top of White-Pass into Canada (leaving the train is not permitted, but there is no border control either).

The sights are fantastic: glaciers, waterfalls, eerie bridges and tunnels, all this in total wilderness. In places the old footpath taken by hundred thousand of gold-seekers (of which only 300 struck it rich) can be seen, and so is horse gulch, where 3000 horses perished, unable to navigate the deep rocky slopes in deep snow.

Also, at some stage the old train route on wooden stilts is still visible, and for a moment one is scared that the train might actually use it!