Cruise from Anchorage (Whittier) to Vancouver, Sept. 11- 15, 2005 #

Personal report by H. Maurer

Photo: H. Maurer, Fall 2005

We are driving with a bus from Fairbanks via Denali Park to Whittier Whittier, AK , the harbor where we are going to board our cruise ship.

As we drive along the seashore we see a number of Beluga whales, and more and more glaciers sticking out. The final three miles to Whittier are very unusually: a two mile long tunnel used by both cars and the train (!) leads through the range that separates Anchorage region from Whittier: with the Kenai peninsula sticking out deep into the Pacific, using the harbour of Anchorage rather the one in Witter would make the voyage to Vancouver much longer.