Wiricocha panorama view#

Raqchi archaeological site Peru (overview)., Photo: AgainErick. Aus: Wikicommons
Raqchi archaeological site Peru (overview).
Photo: AgainErick. Aus: Wikicommons

Raqch'i, also known as the Temple of Wiracocha -14.175, -71.366667 , is an Inca archaeological site 110 kilometers from Cuzco at 3.480 m of elevation above sea level, consisting the Temple of Wiracocha as its most prominent structure, living quarters, storehouses, fairground and baths and an artificial lake called „Quch“.

It was a primary control point on the Inka road system that originated in Cuzco with an enclosure with eight rectangular buildings around a large courtyard outside ist walls which was probably a lodging house for travellers.

According to Inca mythology, the local people did not recognize Wiracocha, the great creator deity in pre-Inca and Inca mythology, when he came to the region and attacked him. So he made fire fall from the sky and burn the hills until the people pleaded forgiveness.

Then he extinguished the fire explaining to them who he was. The people built a shrine where Wiracocha had stood. When the Inka Huayna Capac saw this shrine in the midst of the plain he decided that the remembrance of this event should be greater and ordered the erection of the temple.