Colombia is a middle power and a regional actor with the fourth largest economy in Latin America, is part of the CIVETS group of six leading emerging markets and is an accessing member to the OECD.

  • Colombia has largest boundary with Venezuela which is approximately 2050 km.
  • Colombia has shortest boundary with Panama which is approximately 225 km.
  • The largest river in Colombia is Amazon which is 6400 km.
  • The largest export partner of Colombia is US.
  • The largest import partner of Colombia is US.
  • There are 17 seaports in Colombia.

Surprising facts about Nobel Prize winners#

  • Colombia has only 1 Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. (Counting winners if born in Colombia)
  • The first Colombia born Nobel Prize winner got this award quite late, 81 years after first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901.

Tourist Attraction#

The moon rises over the fortress of San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena.

National Facts#

  • The national fruit of Colombia is Curuba.
  • The national bird of Colombia is Andean condor.
  • The national sport of Colombia is Tejo.
  • The national dances of Colombia are Vallenato and Cumbia.
  • The national dishes of Colombia are Sancocho, Ajiaco, Bandeja paisa etc.
Sancocho, Foto: source: Wikicommons unter CC
Foto: source: Wikicommons unter CC


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