Crossing the Yukon#

Crossing the Yukon, Photo: H. Maurer, Fall 2005
Crossing the Yukon
Photo: H. Maurer, Fall 2005

The George Black Ferry crosses the Yukon, at this point alread some 400 m wide, to the start of the "Top of the World Highway".

After the crossing, the road goes uphill quite some time, offering glimpses of Dawson City from above (next picture). Both ferry and Top-of-the-World-Highway are in operation only in summer.

The highway (part still unpaved in 2014) continues through wilderness for about 100 km before reaching the Alaska border at Poker Creek which just consist of a few houses.

After another about 30 km the first real village with the strange name "Chicken" is reached.

See the sequence of photos on Alaska that start at Poker Creek.