Malawi: Communication#

Telephones - fixed linestotal subscriptions: 45,678
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: less than 1 (July 2015 est.)
Telephones - mobile cellulartotal: 6.116 million
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 34 (July 2015 est.)
Telephone systemgeneral assessment: rudimentary; two fixed-line and two mobile-cellular operators govern the market
domestic: limited fixed-line subscribership of about 1 per 100 persons; mobile-cellular services are expanding but network coverage is limited and is based around the main urban areas; mobile-cellular subscribership about 30 per 100 persons
international: country code - 265; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (1 Indian Ocean, 1 Atlantic Ocean) (2015)
Broadcast mediaradio is the main broadcast medium; privately owned Zodiac radio has the widest national broadcasting reach, followed by state-run radio; about a dozen private and community radio stations broadcast in cities and towns around the country; the largest TV n (2014)
Internet country
Internet userstotal: 1.67 million
percent of population: 9.3% (July 2015 est.)