The capital and largest city is Luanda.

Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and its economy is among the fastest growing in the world, especially since the end of the civil war.

In spite of this, the standard of living remains low for the majority of the population, and life expectancy and infant mortality rates in Angola are among the worst in the world.

Independence was achieved in 1975 after a protracted liberation war. That same year, Angola descended into an intense civil war that lasted until 200

  • Angola has largest boundary with Democratic Republic of the Congo which is approximately 2511 km.
  • Angola has shortest boundary with Zambia which is approximately 1110 km.
  • The largest river in Angola is Congo which is 4700 km.
  • The largest export partner of Angola is China.
  • The largest import partner of Angola is China.

Tourist Attraction#

Angolans perform at a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of independence from Portugal.