Röhrer, Leopold #

* 3. 7. 1940, Wiener Neustadt

Dr. Leopold Röhrer

Jus, Kultur

Dr. Röhrer

Date and place of birth: #

3/7/1940, Wr.Neustadt, Lower Austria


University of Vienna: 1973: Graduation for doctorate LL.D.

Professional Experience:#

1958 – 1990: Banking Business at Austrian Länderbank; different functions: refinancing and loan business, marketing, creating new organisation structures, product management, payment systems; last position at Länderbank: Head of Private Banking

1990 - 1993: Mercur Bank (100% daughter bank of Länderbank): Member of Managing Board (responsible for refinancing, organisation, administration and legal affairs).

Other Functions and Activities:#

Member and for 6 years Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurocard Austria Company and Board of Directors Member of Eurocard International.

Member of Board of Directors of the Austrian Cash dispenser Company “GABE”.

1989-2003: Lecturer for Banking business at the Banking Institute of University of Economics, Vienna. He also was a lecturer for Banking Business and Banking Law at Colleges of higher Education (called “Fachhochschule”) in Vienna and Innsbruck and gave seminar lectures for national and international banks (e.g. the National Banks of The Czech Republic and of Slovakia).

Hobbies: #

Travelling, taking photographs, History and History of Art (in connection with travelling), visits of Theatre- and Opera performances and Exhibitions and listening to Music in concerts or in electronic form.

Stand: 2016

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