The Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, MISANU was founded in 1946 as the first institute of the Academy. Today, as an institutional member of the European Mathematical Society, MISANU is a unique center for research in pure and applied mathematics, mechanics and computer science in Serbia.

That is reflected in various forms such as national and international scientific projects, conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as informal research groups. MISANU employs more than 70 full-time researcher (more than 25 PhD students among them).

MISANU has more than 200 part-time collaborators, scholars from all over Serbia, which is an opportunity for the Institute to keep close contacts with universities, and particularly with faculties of science and mathematics and schools of engineering.

The mission of MISANU is defined as:

  • maintaining the highest level of scientific research in the fields of mathematics, mechanics and computer science,
  • mobilizing mathematical resources in Serbia, offering research infrastructure and improving communication between groups having similar scientific interest,
  • discovering ways and means of applying scientific results
  • solving problems posed by sciences and industry,
  • organizing all sorts of scientific and expert training and participating in organization and delivery of doctoral studies,
  • organizing international collaborations and supporting participation in domestic and international scientific conferences,
  • supporting the education of young people of exceptional talent,
  • popularization of mathematical sciences,
and can be seen as the Institute’s orientation toward Responsible Research and Innovation, a modern approach to science which involves communication and cooperation with all societal actors.

The last decade in the development of the Institute testifies to the intense opening of new directions for multidisciplinary research in information processing and security, digital humanities, etc., and novel approaches in presentations of the corresponding results.

In collaboration with by the Graz University of Technology, MISANU develop the digital platform which is currently being used by prominent cultural institutions in Serbia such as the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Matica Srpska, The Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, etc. to present their most important digital collections. The platform is also used for the Digital National Library of Serbia.