Jersey: Government#

Country nameconventional long form: Bailiwick of Jersey
conventional short form: Jersey
etymology: the name is of Old Norse origin, but the meaning of the root "Jer(s)" is uncertain; the "-ey" ending means "island"
Dependency statusBritish crown dependency
Government typeparliamentary democracy (Assembly of the States of Jersey); a Crown dependency of the UK
CapitalSaint Helier Saint Helier
geographic coordinates: 49 11 N, 2 06 W
time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
Administrative divisionsnone (British crown dependency); there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but there are 12 parishes; Grouville, Saint Brelade, Saint Clement, Saint Helier, Saint John, Saint Lawrence, Saint Martin, Saint Mary, Saint Ouen, Saint Peter, Saint Saviour, and Trinity
Independencenone (British crown dependency)
National holidayLiberation Day, 9 May (1945)
Constitutionhistory: unwritten; partly statutes, partly common law and practice
amendments: proposals introduced to the Assembly of the States of Jersey by a government minister, by an Assembly member, or by an elected parish head; passage requires several Assembly readings, a majority vote by the Assembly, review by the UK Ministry of Justice, and approval by the British monarch (Royal Assent) (2016)
Legal systemthe laws of the UK, where applicable, apply; local statutes
Citizenshipsee United Kingdom
Suffrage16 years of age; universal
Executive branchchief of state: Queen ELIZABETH II (since 6 February 1952); represented by Lieutenant Governor (currently vacant); Sir Stephen DALTON will take office in Marach 2017
head of government: Chief Minister Ian GORST (since 18 November 2011); Bailiff William BAILHACHE (since 29 January 2015)
cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed individually by the states
elections/appointments: the monarchy is hereditary; Council of Ministers including the chief minister indirectly elected by the Assembly of States; lieutenant governor and bailiff appointed by the monarch
Legislative branchdescription: unicameral Assembly of the States of Jersey (49 elected members; 8 senators to serve 6-year terms, and 29 deputies and 12 connetables, or heads of parishes, to serve 3-year terms; 5 non-voting members appointed by the monarch include the bailiff, lieutenant governor, dean of Jersey, attorney general, and the solicitor general)
elections: last held on 15 October 2014 (next to be held in 2017)
election results: percent of vote - NA; seats - independents 49
Judicial branchhighest court(s): Jersey Court of Appeal (consists of the bailiff, deputy bailiff, and 12 judges and organized into Heritage, Family, Probate, and Civil and Criminal Divisions); Royal Court (consists of the bailiff, deputy bailiff, 6 commissioners and lay people referred to as jurats)
judge selection and term of office: Jersey Court of Appeal bailiffs and judges appointed by the Crown upon the advice of the Secretary of State for Justice; bailiffs and judges appointed for extent of good behavior; Royal Court bailiffs appointed by the Crown upon the advice of the Secretary of State for Justice; commissioners appointed by the bailiff; jurats appointed by the Electoral College; bailiffs and commissioners appointed for extent of good behavior; jurats appointed until retirement at age 72
subordinate courts: Magistrate's Court; Youth Court; Petty Debts Court; Parish Hall Enquires (a process of preliminary investigation into youth and minor adult offenses to determine need for presentation before a court)
Political parties and leadersone registered party:
Reform Jersey (Sam MEZEC)

note: most senators and deputies sit as independents
Political pressure groups and leadersInstitute of Directors, Jersey branch (provides business support)
Jersey Hospitality Association (Ian BARNES) (trade association)
Jersey Rights Association (David ROTHERHAM) (human rights)
La Societe Jersiaise (education and conservation group)
Progress Jersey (Daren O'TOOLE, Gino RISOLI) (human rights)
Royal Jersey Agriculture and Horticultural Society or RJA&HS (development and management of the Jersey breed of cattle)
Save Jersey's Heritage (protects heritage through building preservation)
Diplomatic representation in the USnone (British Crown dependency)
Diplomatic representation from the USnone (British Crown dependency)
Flag descriptionwhite with a diagonal red cross extending to the corners of the flag; in the upper quadrant, surmounted by a yellow crown, a red shield with three lions in yellow; according to tradition, the ships of Jersey - in an attempt to differentiate themselves from English ships flying the horizontal cross of St. George - rotated the cross to the "X" (saltire) configuration; because this arrangement still resembled the Irish cross of St. Patrick, the yellow Plantagenet crown and Jersey coat of arms were added
National symbol(s)Jersey cow; national colors: red, white
National anthemname: "Isle de Siez Nous" (Island Home)
lyrics/music: Gerard LE FEUVRE

note: adopted 2008; serves as a local anthem; as a British Crown dependency, "God Save the Queen" is official (see United Kingdom)